7 Proven Techniques for Perfecting Easy Rick and Morty Drawings


As fervid art devotees, we mirror your keen interest in mastering easy Rick and Morty drawings. The wave of followers of this prominent cartoon series has led to a surge in fans aiming to replicate its unique art form. This guide, while exhaustive, will undoubtedly provide rewarding results.

Grasping the Fundamentals of Rick and Morty Artform

Before plunging into the depth of these character illustrations, we must navigate the fundamental principles underpinning the Rick and Morty design. Vital components cover the body structures, iconic hairstyles, and dress codes of these eccentric characters.

Body Statures

Each persona in Rick and Morty possesses a unique body structure. For instance, Rick’s conspicuously immense head compared to his body, and Morty’s bulky figure. Understanding these characteristic statures can remarkably enhance the realism in your drawings.

Iconic Hairstyles

Remarkably, the character’s hairdos stand among the most recognized in cartoons. Rick’s jagged, blue-grey hair and Morty’s typical boyish hairstyle form distinctive trademarks of their personalities.

Dress Codes

Lastly, the attire style. Rick’s signature white lab coat and Morty’s everyday clothes are crucial in capturing their essence. Hence, observing these fine details assists in portraying the complete image in your drawing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Easy Rick and Morty Sketches

This segment guides you through illustrating Rick and Morty using easy procedures.

easy Rick and Morty drawings

Sketching Rick

Stages 1-3

Impeccable drawings commence with a sketch of the basic anatomy. Initially, you’ll sketch an oversized globe for Rick’s substantial cranium. Next, you outline the body proportionate to Rick’s head. Do not forget his characteristic lab coat. Lastly, describe his unique facial features such as his creased forehead, large, dying eyes, and his notorious drooling oral aperture.

Illustrating Morty

Stages 1-3

A similar process applies to Morty, but his cranial structure is less prominent. Next, sketch Morty’s sturdy and compact anatomy. Lastly, encapsulate Morty’s naivety by giving him broad, amiable eyes, maintaining them more rounded and less seasoned than Rick’s.

Frequent Pitfalls in Crafting Easy Rick and Morty Figures

Even with robust guidance, mistakes can occur. We’ve collated a list of common errors for you to avoid.

Unstable Character Statures

The essence of the characters heavily relies on their anatomies. Confusing these proportions can result in a non-authentic portrayal.

Unreal Hair and Clothing

Like anatomies, hair and attire play a crucial role. Overlooking these elements can compromise the character’s purity.

Overlooking Drawing Basics

Lastly, rushing the process and neglecting the basic sketches can affect the final design’s accuracy. Hence, adhere to the methodology as we’ve outlined.


Sketching Rick and Morty may seem intricate initially, but with perseverance and practice, mastering these drawings is achievable. Remember, attention to proportions, attire styles, and hairstyles are critical. Follow our comprehensive guide, and in no time, you’ll be producing outstanding Rick and Morty portraits.

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So, why delay? Grab your drawing pad and tools, and let your inner artist take over! Experience the thrill of creating these legendary characters today! Keep in mind, assistance is always available to simplify the process. And remember, with each drawing, you enhance your artistic skills. Visit Wikipedia for more insights about the series and its characters.

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