Mastering the Art of Ariel Cartoon Drawing: A Comprehensive Guide


Delving deep into the extraordinary art world of cartoon drawing, you’ll find the masterpiece of Ariel, the famous red-headed mermaid, at the center. The intricate art of Ariel cartoon drawing isn’t just about replicating an image; it’s a creative journey translating fantasy into the world of pencils and colors. This comprehensive guide aims to journey with you into mastering Ariel cartoon drawing.

Understanding the Character

Ariel, the charming underwater princess, has continued to capture countless imaginations ever since her first appearance in Disney’s 1989 animated feature film, ‘The Little Mermaid.’ With her iconic flowing red hair, mesmerizing green dress, and bubbly personality, Ariel remains an enduring inspiration for artists worldwide.

Basic Preparations

Before embarking on this creative journey, gather your required materials. A few essentials include sketch pads, pencils ranging from 2B to 8B, erasers, and blending stumps. After all, even the best artists need the right tools for their masterpiece.

Mastering the Facial Features

We’ll begin with the face – a fundamental element in Ariel cartoon drawing. Pay attention to her joyful expression, her large blue eyes, thin, arched eyebrows, and a small, upturned nose. Break the process down into smaller pieces, starting from sketching basic shapes and then adding details to accentuate each feature.

Decodes Ariel’s Hairstyle

Ariel’s flaming red hair, flowing freely and outlined by a beautiful likeness of the underwater world, is one of her signature traits. It’s about smooth lines and waves that convey the illusion of movement. This section will elucidate detailed techniques for perfecting her fiery locks.

Considering Body Proportions

To sketch a realistic representation of Ariel, understanding and accurately depicting her body proportions is key. Her silhouette is slim, and the tail starts from her waist, purveying the illusion of a fishtail seamlessly transforming from a human-like body. This segment will delve into the best practices for capturing these proportions.

Detailed Crafting of Ariel’s Dress

Although most know Ariel for her green bikini top and fish tail, her wardrobe also features an exquisite, sparkling dress. To sketch this, precision is key. We will demonstrate the optimal techniques to make her dress as enchanting on paper as it is in animation.

Seamless Tail Sketching

Ariel’s tail, a dazzling green appendage, is arguably her most identifiable feature. The fin is intricate, the tail is lengthy and scale-covered. This section will detail the most practical approach to meticulously sketching Ariel’s mermaid tail.

Final Touches – Shading and Coloring

In the final step, we’ll blend all components together. Despite using pencils for initial sketching, Ariel is most vibrant when depicted in rich, bold colors. This section will discuss the techniques of shading and coloring accurately to bring Ariel to life.


Ariel Cartoon Drawing can be a delightful experience that combines creativity, precision, and an eye for detail. With professionalism, dedication, and these steps as your guiding light, you are well on your way to mastering the intriguing craft of sketching Ariel, thus stepping into a wider world of animation.

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